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  Gator ABS Hard

  Case adds $79




Custom Guitars for sale

~Please feel free to make an offer on any guitar listed below~

     Mean Street 78 Legend blk birdseye 718.jpg (116950 bytes) 

78 Legend w/ black sand-out finish...which gives it a slight "worn" look. If you ever wanted to paint it, not much prep work needed.

Basswood body, birdseye maple neck, compound radius fretboard 10" to 14", Floyd Rose FRT-1000 tremolo, Mean Street Custom wound humbucker,  Mean Street original "unnoticeable" working neck (very nice "Strat" sound) pickup via Bourns push-pull pot., Gotoh tuners

Includes EVH logo strap with dog leash ends and gig bag.  $995 plus shipping

(See 78 Legend page for more specs)

(The above pic is the actual guitar for sale)

More guitars coming soon...including some vintage Kramers out of my collection...Ripley's, Motley Crue Baretta, etc. 

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