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  Gator ABS Hard

  Case adds $79



Custom Guitars for sale

~Please feel free to make an offer on any guitar listed below~

Want to get away from the mass produced graphic guitars that everybody else has...

Email for custom paint quotes and custom built guitars that are Made in the USA


  Mean Street Random Stripe 1984 No17 Blue.jpg (383361 bytes)

Mean Street "Random Stripes" graphic Kramer 2006/1984 (Gibson/MusicYo) #17 SOLD

EVH Wolfgang Special "Ghost Stripes" graphic

  EVH Wolfgang Special Ghost Stripes black 714.jpg (133252 bytes)  EVH Wolfgang Special Ghost Stripes black 714 extra pics.jpg (254121 bytes)

EVH Wolfgang Special with "Ghost Stripes" graphic

Details: EVH Wolfgang Special with custom Mean Street "Ghost Stripes" graphic. The only striped graphic with class.  Custom painted binding, brand new original MIJ. Plays excellent!  Email with any questions or if you need more pics. Includes EVH brand logo strap. Comes with original EVH hard case and ships in the original EVH logo box.  SOLD 

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Mean Street

Custom Guitars for sale