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  Gator ABS Hard

  Case adds $79



Welcome to the Mean Street Guitars Custom Shop


Custom Paint

(The wait time as of today is around 90 days)

(Deposits for custom ordered guitars are non-refundable)

 I use only professional high-quality urethane paints such as House of Kolor & PPG for all custom painting, clear coating & airbrushing. All finishes are clear coated & buffed to a high gloss & matte (non-gloss) clears are also available. Custom graphics are signed & dated under the neck plate.

"Matte" Clear Coat

This is a non-reflective clear coat that is the same as the gloss coat as far as protection but there is no reflection, no worries about fingerprints and even scratches can be removed in seconds!

Holoflash Finishes

Want a custom paint job that will blow your mind? Holoflash!

Holoflash is one of the most brilliant finishes ever! Light reflecting from its surface covers every possible color in the rainbow. To really appreciate the brilliance and visual effect of the Holoflash finish, you must see it in person. I have included several pictures of guitars that I've painted with the Holoflash finish in the Mean Gallery so you can begin to understand the color change that occurs with just the slightest movement or change in lighting...it is amazing! It was first made famous by "THE" Kramer Guitar company back in the day. Now it's available again here at Mean Street Guitars...As you can see from the pictures in the Gallery, I have taken it to another level. These are just a few examples of what I can do for your guitar. You can come up with your own design and I'll duplicate it for you. Also available in Chrome, Gold, Copper, Blue & Red just to name a few and you can also order just about any color you want as I can usually mix in some wild stuff...like the Black Fusion shown on the Unchained page. The Crushed Pearls effect is another option and each color is totally different. Artwork is signed & dated. 

Remember, no two finishes are alike. 

Custom Shop Paint Pricing

(If it's not listed, please email for price)

At this time I'm only setup to paint guitars with bolt-on necks

Custom Paint

(Prices are for bolt-on neck guitars only)

Prices include high gloss clear coat  

Solid colors: $345

Pearls & Flip-Flop colors: $345

Fluorescent & Neon (House of Kolors paints only) $345

Graphics: Price depends on the details of the design.

Head stock: Solid color $65

Sealer-Body $55  Head stock $25 (For new wood only)

Repairs before painting are priced per job.


Holo-Crackle Body: (any color combinations) $385

Holo-Crackle headstock: (any color combinations) $95

Standard colors: (Top of body only) $345

Pearls: (Top of body only) $345

Graphics: Price depends on the details of the design.

Head stock: $65 

Head stock logos: Price depends on the details of the design.

*All finishes include high gloss clear coat 


Painting your guitar: If you need me to disassemble, reassemble with setup add $85


Upgrading prices for the "stock" models

(Please email for availability)

To upgrade to the Original Floyd Rose is $150.

The new Floyd Rose FRT-1000 tremolo is the stock tremolo on Mean Street stock models. This is an exact clone of the Original tremolo and is only manufactured for Floyd Rose, Inc., so you know it's good! It's just not made in Germany. 

All Seymour Duncan pickups are available, email for price

Entire contents copyright 1999---2016  Mean Street Guitars, Inc.



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