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Used guitars

Mean Street Used guitars are Kramer, EVH, Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez, Schecter, Dean, Les Paul, Epiphone, ESP, PRS, yamaha, squier, godin, gretsch, stratocaster, telecaster, taylor, martin

FYI: If you are buying a used Mean Street guitar and want to make sure it's  one of mine. Most of my custom guitars have the Mean Street logo neck plate, the real early models didn't. If you want to make sure I painted signature, along with other info, is under the neck plate or inside the control or tremolo cavity. If you have any doubts, just contact me with pics, etc. and I'll let you know for sure. 


Please feel free to make an offer....Sold out at the moment.

Kramer Ripley, all original and comes with original Ripley splitter box.  I have had this guitar in my collection for the last 15 years. Showing zero neck or fret wear, Original Floyd Rose tremolo, Shaller tuners, Plays and sounds excellent! Email if you would like anymore info.

True stereo guitar, Bartolini pickup and six panning knobs to send each string output to either right or left amp or you can switch it to normal if you don't have two amps. This guitar is in excellent condition. Everything works perfectly...includes the original hardshell case and the original stereo splitter box. SOLD

Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special, Made in the USA. Peavey Eddie Van Halen signature guitar. This guitar was taken in as a trade. Shows some clear coat finish cracks at the tremolo cover screws on the back and the tuners show some discoloration on the chrome but could be buffed out. This guitar is a player! The frets have near zero wear. 

Comes with Peavey hard case, original owners manual and original fret protector. SOLD